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Variety of cargo and service

Logistics Storage Complexes

Online Services

Real-time data systems

Cranes & Lifting Equipment

Eenvironment protection
knowledge and experience in a variety of cargo types Operational flexibility & Wide range of services
10000 square meters of covered & uncovered logistics complexes for storage & distribution
VIP date service on real time Cameras live viewing of cargo discharging and loading
Webcams observation systems and weight measurement to test port efficiency
Cranes, lifting equipment, grabs, hoppers, forklifts, eco unloader, pneumatic unloader and more
Environment protection, cargo depreciation reduction on the quay for customer cost saving


Welcome to Israel Shipyards Port

Israel Shipyards Port ‒ the first private port in Israel and operational since 2007 ‒ places our customers at the center of our focus ‒ offering a convenient, friendly and cost-effective gateway in the heart of Haifa Bay that gives you access to the Israeli market and - the entire Middle East.

A New Spirit for Israel’s Port Industry

Israel Shipyards Port is a dynamic, recently established, port that brings a new spirit to the traditional port industry ‒ with advanced, flexible and competitive port logistics services, provided by a skilled professional staff and a managerial team that is attentive and dedicated to customer needs. The Port, which spans 33.4 hectares and is equipped with a 1000-meter dock, provides a variety of loading and unloading services for general, bulk, liquid cargo and livestock, as well as unique and complex projects. In addition, there are a multitude of dedicated storage complexes, logistics centers and bonded warehouses to meet your needs.

A Customer-Centric Focus

There is a growing demand for the services provided by Israel Shipyards Port – and for a good reason. Our customer-centric approach, adopted by, our Port Management and employees, provides you with a personalized, effective, quick, and cost-effective service of the highest standard, on par with the world's most advanced ports. As part of this approach, the Port’s Management invests significant resources in developing a comprehensive logistics services package, which includes staff training and enrichment activities, ongoing and future-oriented infrastructure development, implementation of IT systems, adoption of innovative technology solutions, streamlining of docks and logistics areas, establishment of spacious storage facilities, and enforcement of environmental protection policies. These activities, together with the safe, efficient and productive working environment that characterizes Israel Shipyards Port, establish a new standard in port services in Israel.

The Strong Backing Ensuring Our Success

Israel Shipyards Port is backed by its holding company ‒ Israel Shipyards Industries Ltd. ‒ which enables us to maintain the advantage and keep one step ahead of the market. Our sister companies operating within the Israel Shipyards complex also contribute to the strengthening of all activities conducted in this complex. Israel Shipyards Ltd., formerly a government-owned company was founded in 1959 and became privately owned in 1995. Israel Shipyards is engaged in the construction of military and civilian vessels, and in the provision of repair, upgrade, and manufacturing services of metal structures. In addition, the company provides construction, support and maintenance services to Israel Shipyards Port and its customers, and places the Port at the forefront of global port technology.
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The Shipyard’s activities include the operation of nine merchant marine ships owned by Israel Shipyards ‒ vessels of 5000-12,000 tons operating worldwide. CIMENT Ltd. is a significant player in the Israeli cement market, which until 2016, was an exclusive market. The company built a cement terminal, one of the largest and most sophisticated in the world, enabling the unloading of cement ships at top speed and storing the cement in silos with a capacity of over 34,000 tons.
Link to the CIMENT site

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